Pragmatic Idealism

About Me

I am a seasoned digital product designer, UX strategist, and creative leader skilled in the full spectrum of product design from discovery to delivery. I have successfully run, designed, and delivered numerous digital initiatives for global brands and startups. I lead cross-functional teams through the UX design process from discovery to launch and beyond, to ensure brilliant execution and ongoing performance.

I aspire to work with top leaders and innovators who believe that design thinking helps organizations stay relevant in an ever-changing market, and who are committed to creating the space and the culture necessary for design thinking to thrive. Please contact me at for more information.

User Experience Strategy

As a UX lead, I dig deep to identify opportunities that have real impact for both the business and the user. I synthesize industry trends, organizational goals, user research, market research, and competitive analysis to formulate holistic recommendations which in turn help to drive value, re-imagine experiences, and create new models for growth.

Relationship Building

I strive to delight stakeholders with compelling insights and powerful concepts. I lead brainstorming / prioritization workshops and collaborate with stakeholders to help galvanize and unify them around a vision. In addition, I recommend new processes and workflows to help build capabilities for managing continuous improvement.

Creative Excellence

As a Creative Director, I facilitate sketching and brainstorming sessions, and empower the team to generate and pursue bold ideas. I’m a catalyst for building a design culture and nurturing beliefs and behaviors that foster creativity in the organization. My background in Quality Assurance enables me to define and enforce a high standard of quality.

Design Operations

As a Design Manager, I am committed to helping organizations operationalize design to enable creativity at scale. I oversee and coordinate the sharing of knowledge, refine processes, codify methods and workflows, and assess team capabilities for executing and delivering effectively.

Mentorship and Management

I believe that your product is only as good as your people. I mentor and train my direct reports and team members in their day-to-day work. I also conduct goal-setting sessions, and develop tools that help them identify opportunities for growth and map out a fulfilling career path.